Moonlight Scenery Sketch!!


Hello there….Welcome to Sonali Arts.My name is Sonali Mishra and I’m here to answer you a question “What is Shading?”the use of marking made within outlines to suggest three-dimesionality, shadow ,or degrees of light and dark in a picture or drawing.


1.Draw the circle of moon and shade it properly.

2.Draw the line of scenery and shade it bottom.

3.Draw the river at the bottom of the line and draw the boat.

3.Draw the 3 Persons with and shade it very dark.

4.Shade it river and draw the design of river and shade it very neatly and properly.

5.Draw the shadow of boat and shade it very lightly.

6.Draw the top and bottom of the trees and bunch of the tree also at the right side.

7.Draw the leaves of the tree top and bottom also and shade it lightly at the right side.

8.Draw the bottom of the leaves at the left side and shade it very properly.

9.Shade it everywhere.


The color of moonlight, particularly around full moon, appears bluish to the human eye compared to most artificial light sources due to the Purkinje effect.

The Moon’s bond albedo is 0.12,meaning only 12% of incident sunlight is reflected from the lunar surface. Moonlight takes approximately 1.26 seconds to reach Earth’s surface. Scattered in Earth’s atmosphere, moonlight generally increases the brightness of the night sky, reducing contrast between dimmer stars and the background. For this reason, many astronomers usually avoid observing sessions around full moon.

Moonlight refracted through rain may produce a moonbow, and, through ice crystals, moon dogs.

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