Merry Christmas Santa Claus Sketch!!

Merry Christmas Santa Claus Sketch!!

Merry Christmas Santa Claus Sketch!!


Hello….Welcome to Sonali Arts.My name is Sonali Mishra and I’m here to answer you a question “What is Shading?” the use of marking made within outlines to suggest three-dimesionality, shadow,or degrees of light and dark in a picture or drawing.

STEPS to make Merry Christmas Santa Claus Sketch!!:-

1.Draw a circle of Santa face.

2.Draw a cone shape,hand of Santa claus and draw a bag of Santa claus at Santa claus backside.

3.Draw the hand of Santa claus at right side.

4.Draw the leg of Santa claus at shoe and socks.

5.Draw the belt of Santa Claus.

6.Draw the nose and moustache of Santa Claus.

7.Draw the mouth of Santa claus at the bottom of moustache.

8.Draw the eyes and eyebrows of Santa Claus.

9.Draw the cap of Santa claus.

10.Draw the beard of Santa Claus.

11.Shade it dark eyes, nose,moustache and mouth.

12.Shade it everywhere properly.

13.Draw the Christmas tree and design the Christmas tree and draw the small circle.

14.Draw the snow at the bottom and shade it properly.


Santa Claus, also known as Father Christmas, Saint Nicholas, Saint Nick, Kris Kringle, or simply Santa, is a legendary character originating in Eastern Christian culture who is said to bring children gifts on Christmas Eve of toys and candy or coal or nothing, depending on whether they are “naughty or nice”.

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