A Girl With the Guitar Sketch!!!!


Hello there,Welcome To Sonali Arts.My name is Sonali Mishra and I’m here to answer you a question “What is Shading?”the use of marking made within outlines to suggest three-dimesionality, shadows, or degrees of light and dark in a picture or drawing.


1.Draw a straight line of 9 cm.

2.Draw a left and right side triangle of 6.2 cm.and 7.7 cm.

3.Draw a 7.3 cm line of left side.

4.Draw a Small line of left side 3.2 cm.

5.Draw a left top line of 3.1 cm.

6.Draw a Circle Radius of 1.6 cm.

7.Draw the Guitar of left side.

8.Draw a bun of girl and Draw the girl neck.

9.Draw the hand of girl play the guitar and erase the square.Shade the middle circle or the guitar darkly.

10.Draw the top of girl.

11.Draw the skirt of Girl.

12.Draw the leg of girl and erase the triangle.

13.Shade the Bun of girl Darkly.

14.Shade the Girl hand and top lightly.

15.Shade the leg and bottom of the line.

16.Draw the guitar neck and string Darkly.

17.Shade the skirt of girl bottom darkly.

18.Outline the Black Pen of guitar string.Draw the edges of Guitar black pen.

19.Draw the Dark design of girl skirt and shade it darkly.

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    Wow , so beautiful 😍

    1. Thankyou dear❤️💫

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